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Talk to a Vet (Live Consult)

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Starting at: $28

About Talk to a Vet (Live Consult)

Pet Emergency? Unsure of what to do? Connect with a Veterinarian in minutes.

Get peace of mind. Engage a Licensed Veterinarian at any time, from anywhere. Assess the health of your furry family member. Find out how to help them immediately. We'll help you determine if an in-person veterinary visit necessary. You'll get the answers you need right away.


Virtual consultations are attended by qualified and licensed veterinarians - DVM, M.V.Sc, B.V.Sc & AH)

How It Works:
  1. You'll connect with a MaxCare Live Agent.
  2. We'll ask you a few questions about your pet.
  3. After payment, a Licenced Vet will engage you.

It's a good idea to prepare for your 'visit'

Here are some tips -

  • Have your phone or device ready and charged
  • Have a pen and paper handy to make notes
  • Have a list of things you want to discuss or check, such as symptoms
  • Write down a list of any medications your pet is taking
  • Speak clearly so your voice can be picked up by the microphone
What To Expect:
  1. Advice from Licensed Veterinarians via chat, phone or video
  2. Suggestions on at-home remedies to help alleviate immediate discomfort
  3. A detailed care plan after every consultation

==Please Remember==

Virtual consultations work in support of and as an extension of traditional veterinary practice. MaxCare Veterinarians, while consulting virtually, do not treat, diagnose, or prescribe and do not establish Veterinarian-Client-Patient Relationship (VCPR). Online consultations are not in any way a substitute for a physical examination by the pet owner’s veterinarian.

Species treated:
Cats (Feline)
Dogs (Canine)
Reptiles & Amphibians
Small Mammals
Other Exotics
Our Veterinary Staff:

The veterinarians available on MaxCare are all licensed by their provincial and/or state regulators. Vets do not have to be physically present at their clinic to provide telehealth services, which helps to also keep them safe during the coronavirus pandemic. Vets selected for our platform must be licensed and in good standing by their provincial regulator, maintain a 4*+ rating on Google, and provide friendly and compassionate service.


Can consult on diet, nutrition & exercise
Can consult on general health & wellness
Can consult on behavioral issues
Can consult on house training
Can consult on gastrointestinal issues

Estimated Time:

Most consultations take 15-20 minutes. However, there are no time limits.

Follow Up Period:

Chat with your assigned veterinarian directly for up to three days as part of every case at no additional cost.

What's Included:
Phone Call
Video Call
Detailed Care Plan
Annual Membership Discount Offer
What We Can't Do:
Establish a Veterinary-Patient-Client-Relationship
Prescribe Controlled Substances
Administer In-Person Tests
Diagnose Disease or Chronic Conditions