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Wellness Check
Virtual Examination

What to Expect

When you begin the virtual wellness examination, our veterinarian will ask if you have noticed any changes in weight, appetite, behavior, or activity levels in your pet, as well as if your pet has a prior medical history.

The veterinarian will work with you to examine your pet's mouth, eyes, ears, nose, and neck for abnormalities or parasites such as ear mites. We'll examine your pet's skin and fur for abnormalities and signs of fleas or ticks. His or her nails will be measured and examined for length and health. Our veterinarian will ask you to look for signs of pain or joint problems in your pet's legs, tail, and hind legs.

Wellness Plans for Puppies & Kittens

Kittens and puppies require a lot of care and attention during their first year of life. They require regular checkups and vaccines to ensure proper growth and development, as well as to reduce certain health risks and diseases such as rabies, parvo, and distemper. As a result, we provide personalized pet wellness plans for all growing puppies and kittens.

A puppy and kitten wellness care package can help you manage your new puppy or kitten's health, from scheduling rabies, distemper, and parvo vaccinations to prevent future disease and illness through comprehensive diagnostic testing. Our care package provides you with the preventative wellness checklist your pet requires at an affordable price.

At your puppy or kitten’s virtual exam, our Vet will perform a full questionnaire examination to evaluate your pet’s current health status. Depending on your puppy or kitten’s specific needs, we will develop the proper course of vaccines and other treatments needed to ensure a healthier, longer life. Overall, our veterinary staff will create the right wellness care plan that fits your pet’s lifestyle.

$ 28.00