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MaxCare Pets
MaxCare Pets
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Virtual Care for Pets

All appointments with Licensed Veterinarians are chat, voice, and video enabled.

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Currently, the waiting period before speaking to a Veterinarian is 15-20 minutes. Create a free account to get started.

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Is your pet sick or feeling ill?

We can help you determine if you should rush to an emergency animal hospital. If there is a way to help your pet feel better by using items that are commonly found in most homes, our Veterinarians will be sure to point you in the right direction.

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Question? To contact a Live MaxCare Agent, use the chat in the bottom right corner.

Virtual Visits

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Text, Call or Video

All consultations with the Veterinarian come with the option to text, call, or video call. Your attending veterinarian will determine whether it is necessary to visually examine your pet via video calling.

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Care Plans

Your Veterinarian will create a care plan that includes all of the specifics of the virtual visit. You can refer to this plan later or show it to an expert during an in-person examination.

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Cases and consultations will be open for up to 72 hours so you can follow up and update your assigned Vet on the progress and health of your furry friend.

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1 - Sign Up

Create an account and let's get started. It doesn't cost anything to make an account with MaxCare.

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2 - Check-In

Once you're registered, answer a few short questions about your pet's current health and then proceed to checkout.

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3 - Get Help

We'll connect you with a Licensed and Qualified Veterinarian within minutes so you can start helping your pet ASAP.

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Toby Talks is the go-to source for expert advice and opinions on the health and well-being of animals, primarily your pets.

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Proud Moment

"Had a great experience with MaxCare. Heard back almost instantly from very professional vets and got the information we needed to help our cat with a nasal problem. Highly recommend this service."

Sam from Kitchener, Ontario, Canada

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